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Swan Energy, Inc. Helps Alleviate America’s Dependence on Foreign Oil

From Swan Energy, Inc.

Swan Energy, Inc., an independent oil and natural gas producer based in Denver, CO, is in the forefront of the search for domestic petroleum resource for the country. Specializing in the acquisition of petroleum-rich areas in the continental United States and their development into viable drilling fields, Swan Energy is gearing towards the country’s self reliance in energy resources.

The numbers clearly show it. According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), the US is the second biggest consumer of petroleum using up to 22.6 bbl/year per capita in 2008, but was only third in production at 8,514 103 bbl/d in the same year. Furthermore, the US EIA reports that the country imported an average of 12.220 103 bbl/day or 1,943 103m3/day in 2006 to address the large demand for petroleum.

Of the total US petroleum consumption, approximately 70% goes to transportation, the 30% to the industrial industry (23%), residential and commercial sector (5%), and electric power (2%). If the country can increase the domestic petroleum supply and depend less on foreign import, the price of gasoline will significantly decrease for the everyday consumer. Independence from foreign oil import also means more room for the government to pursue its own political directives.

From Swan Energy, Inc.

Swan Energy, Inc. is investing in the acquisition and development of domestic petroleum resources.

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From Swan Energy, Inc.
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