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Swan Energy of Denver, Colorado Embraces Technological Advancements in Petroleum Production

From 2010-09-17

Swan Energy of Denver, Colorado, eyes technological breakthroughs in petroleum production.

Laser drilling, as a new technology, proves to be advantageous over traditional methods. It allows drilling on the surface area several times faster than conventional drilling rigs. Initial research and tests have proven laser drilling to be potentially highly effective that it is even dubbed as the possible answer to making uneconomic oil reservoirs commercially attractive.

From 2010-09-17

Since laser technology has the ability to penetrate rocks faster than usual techniques, it reduces the costs of operating drill rigs. A typical on-shore site costs an estimated $400,000 to drill, though the cost may increase depending on the terrain. Laser technology gives lower costs since the time to use a drill rig is lessened.

Swan Energy of Denver, Colorado, believes that the reason laser drilling may be faster than traditional options is the laser’s ability to cut through rock without physically contacting the surface. This saves operators the time needed to replace a mechanical part once it becomes worn out or broken by the constant grinding against rocks.

From 2010-09-17

Aside from faster digging, laser technology also creates a ceramic sheath to eradicate the expense of purchasing steel well casing. It is able to correctly predict the amount of oil through visual imaging systems and other downhole sensors.

Laser Drilling is still in its infancy research and development stages.  As this technology is being developed, Swan Energy looks forward to the positive impacts that it will have on the industry.

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