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Swan Energy Continues Drilling the Golden Trend Uplift of Oklahoma

Over the past several years Swan Energy, Inc., through and alongside their strategic partners, has benefited from a successful drilling program that targets the Bromide formation of the McClain County.

Historical Data Highlights of currently targeted sections in McClain County, Oklahoma:

Total BOE                                                                      550,221,750

Wells Drilled                                                                   4,575

Dry Holes                                                                       33

Completion %/(Geological Success)                                 92.7%

BOE Completion                                                             129,708

Avg. IP                                                                           146 BOPD

To date Swan Energy has drilled 17 wells in the Golden Trend, out of which 17 have found oil and/or natural gas: 12 wells are producing, and 4 close to completion.

“I am excited to announce the continuation of our latest exploration efforts in the Golden Trend of Oklahoma.  It is a 3-well project that will target the Bromide formations with back up zones in the Hunton, Viola and Deese Sands,” says CEO of Swan Energy Brandon Davis.

The Three Queens Joint Venture will drill three wells in the exploration area, starting with an offset to two of the better wells Swan Energy Inc. has drilled in McClain County, Oklahoma.   The first well being offset has already made 50,000 BOE out of the 1st Bromide, and has significant reserves in the Hunton, Viola and Hart Formations to be tapped.  The second well offsets a well that has made 12,000 BOE in the last 90 days from the Hunton/Viola formations.

“The Three Queen JV is getting an opportunity offset to wells we have already drilled and had success with.  Moreover Joint Venture partners have the opportunity to come on board with Swan Energy and our operator who combined have drilled over 35 wells in the immediate area, and have over a dozen more wells to be drilled by the years end.   This is a chance to participate with the leaders of exploration in McClain County, OK,” said John S. Herring, Director of Exploration, Swan Energy Inc.


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